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Future Gods : New Heaven

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What is DTComix?

DTComix is a passionate partnership of individuals driven by a shared love for indie comics and manga. We believe that every story, every character, and every page have the potential to shine brightly in the world creative arts. Our mission is to create captivating, unique, and compelling comic and manga series that resonate with fans of all ages.


Our Vision


We are more than just a team; we're a creative family on a thrilling journey. Our vision is to not only create exceptional indie comics and manga but also to welcome fellow enthusiasts, artists, and fans to be part of our story. We believe that the true magic of comics lies in the connections we make, the stories we share, and the joy of creation.


Join the Adventure!

Explore: Dive into our growing collection of indie comics and manga series. Each page is a testament to our dedication to the craft.

Connect: Follow us on [social media links] to stay updated on our latest releases, events, and opportunities to engage with us.

Support: If you're a fan of our work, your support means the world to us. Every read, like, and share helps our stories shine brighter.

Explore our website to learn more and be sure to stay tuned for our upcoming releases, which we promise will be even more exciting and thought-provoking than our previous work.

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We are constantly working to better ourselves as a team, as we push to achieve greatness and inspire all who believed in and supported us. If you have any issues or questions in regards to any service provided by Dual-Thrones Comics, don't hesitate to email us at the email provided or contact us on any of our social platforms!

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