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Launching April 5th, 2024!

Upcoming Projects 2024!

Omega Eons

Story of The Thief

Issue #1

A planet of Heroes is threatened when a group of Outcast teams up in an action-packed series. These are their stories.

Future Gods Issue #3

In an alternate universe where Norse and Greek gods clash the story continues for the Forbidden Children of rivaling pantheons as they confront new foes and gods alike.

The Hourly Menace

Issue #1

In the City of Hourly, the dawn of a new superhero begins, with a bang and a lot of explosions!

Towa Rising

The Manga Reboot

When a Dark Coalition wages war on the New world. A new generation of Ascendants rise up to protect it. Guided by his Mentor, Koa and his friends must master the Khaos within in a heroic tale of Courage and Resolve.

Launching April 5th, 2024!

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Future Gods Issue #1

Future Gods Issue #2